Drilling Machines

All units have a drive system which requires comparatively little maintenance, with no possibility of oil leakage from gearboxes.


A special feature is our unique measuring system. A scale along the body of the machine accurately indicates the travel of the drill spindle, removing the need for a measuring rod protruding from the machine and consequent danger to personnel. It also significantly reduces the amount of excavation required when drilling horizontally.


Models available...


Model 100 capacity 1" - 4"

Model 200 capacity 3" - 8"

Model 300 capacity 6" - 12"

Model 600 maximum capacity 20"

Model 900 capacity 12" - 36"

Model 2000 capacity 36" - 66"

On 900 & 2000 models the controls are positioned towards the mounting flange end of the machine for easier reach by the operator. 

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